Ultrasound Rubber Probe Covers

Product Features & Benefits

  • Non-Latex / Latex Free to prevent skin allergies
  • Sterilization with either ETO or Gamma Method with paper pouch & condom type of packing
  • Very comfortable & clear scanning to detect the problem especially in the operation theater / intensive care unit (ICU) versus the TPU material type.

Product Specifications

We have many type of rubber probe covers for Ultrasound equipment and the details of the Product Specification will be provided for interested buyer.

Product Color

Our standard color is Ivory White to Creamy Yellowish. We can produce natural color & blue upon request with agreed quantity.

Packing Quantity Info 

We pack the product with individual pack in paper pouch / condom type of packing

Product Testing 

Our product have been tested on Protein Content / Latex-Free & Cytotoxicity and PASSED.

Brands for World Wide Market 

We are selling our TCSqp brand under registered trademark of class 10 and In-House OEM brand for worldwide market. We undertake a pack customer OEM brand with a minimum order of quantity upon agreed by both parties with letter of mutual understanding signed.

Storage Conditions To Avoid Product Deterioration & Shelf Life Issue

Store the product in original packaging bag in a cool, dry, well ventilated area and keep away from dust, chemical, food stuff, fluorescent lighting, direct sunlight, keep indoor, avoid hot area, store at temperature in between 10°C to 25°C and a relative humidity in between 40 to 60 percent. Improper storage procedure will reduce shelf life and promote product deterioration.