Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Knowledge is a power. Intellectual Property is an important asset of the company for all research and development products being produced by them.

We will file in the intellectual property of our research and development rubber products like patent and industrial design in Malaysia as well as internationally.

Our on-going research and development rubber products as below:

  1. Rubber Toothbrush Finger Cover for usage by bedridden patients and children from age of 3 to 5 years old
  2. Rubber Foot Massage Finger Cover to reduce leg cramps and numbness and to be used by users with age of 6 years old and above
  3. Rubber Running Pad for Barefoot Runners
  4. Rubber Walking Pad for Multiple Use

Our future research and development rubber products as below:

  1. Two Finger Rubber Cover For Facial Cleaning and Massage by Beauty Salon and Home Use
  2. Rubber Finger Cover with Magnet Function to hold small components during assembling process
  3. Rubber Glove with Magnet Function for DIY industry plus construction sector