TUR Drape Set With Medical Rubber Finger Cover

The T.U.R. drapes are very important and easiness with their special rectal medical rubber finger cover (100% Natural Rubber or 100% Latex Free type) and pouch which prevents the fluid from spreading to the operator during the small consultation and operations. Tested tissue-collecting pouches which provides easiness with the help of special sieves and the rectal finger cover, which are assembled on the drape, prevents the operators from using another glove.


  • TUR Drape Set without Pouch
  • TUR Drape Set with Pouch
  • Tur Drape set for Rectal Examination

This TUR drape set is packed under TCSqp brand by CE marking & ISO 13485 certified manufacturers.

TUR Drape Set Application: For TUR Drape, Medical purpose & Rectal Examination and fitted with one pcs of medical rubber finger cover

Sterilization Process: Gamma or ETO process.

Model: TCSqp-9010-100 Product Name: TUR Drape with Pouch & One Pcs of Rubber Finger Cover

Model: TCSqp-9010-250 Product Name TUR Drape without Pouch & with One Pcs of Rubber Finger Cover


Standard Packing 24 TUR Drape Sets by using 25kgs FedEx Standard Box



Condition of storage to avoid product deterioration and shelf life issue:

Avoid direct sunlight, keep indoor & avoid hot area, store at temperature at between 10 to 25 degree Celsius and a relative humidity at between 40 to 60 percentages.

We have many types of TUR drape set fitted with medical rubber finger cover.

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