Rubber Toothbrush Finger Cover

A Brief Explanation of This Product

Oral hygiene is an important factor not just for infants and children but for adults as well. We have been taught to brush our teeth at a very young age by our parents. This a very crucial practice as stated by every dentist in the world. The basic tool that we use to clean our teeth is a manual toothbrush commonly used by society worldwide. In general, according to Colgate and Dental Plans, there are over 6 billion bacteria that live in the mouth and over 700 strains of them. However, two very harmful bacteria to avoid are Streptococcus mutan and Porphyromonas gingivalis as both can cause tooth loss, gum decay and other oral diseases. Periodontal or gum diseases can bring about other complications such as heart problems and stomach problems. These problems can occur due to bacteria in plaques between teeth flows into the bloodstream. Thus, it is really important to keep our mouths clean and healthy always.

Our product is mainly for medical and children aged 3-5 years old usage which comes in various sizes. According to a study by Vinod Kumar and friends, the efficacy of using a finger toothbrush showed no significant difference in removal of plaque in mouth compared to the manual toothbrush. Thus, a finger toothbrush can be used on infants as well as bedridden patients.

At a very young age,children’s oral care will be carried out by their mothers in the comfort of their own home. Since we aim our finger toothbrush to be soft and flexible, this can aid mothers to easily clean their children’s teeth and gums as well as reaching unreachable places in the mouth. Another fact obtained from, children’s gums and teeth are soft and needs to be cleaned gently to avoid hurting them. Thus, our finger toothbrush is perfect for a children’s oral hygiene.

Aside from children, we would like to market our product to medical industries to help nurses attend to the oral hygiene of nonambulantory patients. These patients require special attention as they do not have the capability to clean themselves especially their mouths. According to CNABuzz, oral care is practised thoroughly by nurses on bedridden as well as non-bedridden patients. They use a cotton gauze and cotton bud to clean a patient’s mouth as stated in the article. In some oral care practices, according to this video from YouTube by Gordon Cooper Technology Centre, a bedridden patient’s oral care is cleaned by using a sponge on a stick with some water and mouth wash. Hence, to enhance the convenience of nurses towards bedridden patients, they can use our product to help remove plaques, cavities, food residues between patient’s teeth and remove bacteria from patients which would also promote healthy oral care. On an average, dental hygienists say that it will take up to at least three minutes for proper oral care. It is also stated that the brushing motion should be circular and bristles should be at a 45 degree angle for optimum cleaning. This procedure is repeated 15 to 20 times per part and twice on a daily basis to ensure maximum cleanliness. In common cases, people normally brush their teeth in a side to side motion which in fact will cause enamel rods in teeth to weaken and break. Thus, the motion and position of the brush is very important when it comes to dental care.

In conclusion, our finger toothbrush is a very convenient tool for not only mothers towards their children but also nurses towards bed-ridden patients. Thus, further research and development on this product will be very beneficial to these group of people.

What is it for?

This specific invention, the rubber toothbrush finger cover is to aid nurses and mothers in maintaining a good oral care for bedridden patients and children.

The design of this product is simple and it is easy for nurses and mothers to get used to. This rubber toothbrush is mainly for the index finger. As the users put on this product, there will be an inward curve at the entrance and also double-sided tape at the skirt which would provide extra grip and avoid the product from slipping off the finger into the patient’s mouth. There will also be a specific texture on the rubber toothbrush finger cover which will help in removing bad bacteria as well as food residue trapped in the mouth. The procedures on how to use this product will be given along with the product. The material used in inventing this product is synthetic latex which is toxic free and will be further sterilized to avoid any allergic reactions in the patient’s or children’s mouth.

Extra Information Regarding Rubber Toothbrush Finger Cover

Here are a few videos related to the function of our products. Please view them to gain more understanding on this on-going rubber product of ours.


Video 1 shows on how oral health care is done to a bedridden patient by using a SMALL SWAB 


Video 2 shows on how oral health care is done to an intubated bedridden patient by using a BIG TUBE SWAB


Video 3 shows how a mother cleans her child’s mouth by using a CLOTH